Urban Development with Compelling Yields



Our Methodology

"An investment focus based on proprietary data driven criteria, for knowledgable investors"

Our methodology is supported by market insights and decades-old stakeholder relationships.  Our opportunities are vetted by extensive research and trend analysis. Either ground-up development or historic preservation, Vallone Ventures offers a versatile, source-to-lease skill set, an apt network of investors, and experience with complex capital stacks.

  • Proprietary criteria directs us to a geographic location.
  • Relationships with local architects, builders, real estate brokers, community officials, economic development professionals and attorneys assist with identifying and evaluating opportunities.
  • Our preliminary architectural solution for a specific site is developed to determine scale, massing, unit counts, sizes, floors and square footages.
  • Our financial model is constructed with data from our builder and market analyst.
  • A purchase option for the land is secured.
  • Our financial model is reviewed by our lender for loan sizing.
  • Investment partnerships are created and capital is raised.
  • Property is acquired and the project is constructed.
  • Our project is leased and managed.